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Time is running out to claim up to $800 in direct payments

Tax rebates are being sent out to approximately 3.1 million Colorado residents.

tax rebate check

The rebates are intended to offset inflation.

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Who is eligible for the rebate?

Colorado residents will be getting tax rebates. Individuals can expect to see $400 and joint filers will see $800. The goal of the rebates are to offset the impact of inflation. During April, inflation peaked at 8.3%. Find additional details here.

In order to be eligible for the payment, you must be a full-time Colorado resident. The rebates will be based off of your 2021 tax returns. In order to get the check, your 2021 taxes need to be filed before May 31, 2022.

Residents will see the checks in the mail in late summer, around August or September.

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