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Wimbledon ticket tricks every tennis lover should try

Wimbledon is one of the most prominent tennis tournaments, so you can well imagine the race for tickets. Expect things to be more challenging in 2022 after a no-show in 2020 and a slow one in 2021. But Wimbledon regulars know multiple ways of getting in because there is more than one option to buy your tickets for the event. You can rely on tried and tested tricks shared by tennis buffs to cut through the queues and be a part of a match you want to see. Here are the ones every tennis lover should try. 

Register for the public ballot

You will probably want to register for the public ballot as your first port of call when trying to bag Wimbledon tickets. Although it is a two-step process you can complete online, you need to be on the ball because it is time-sensitive. You have to apply months before the event, from September to mid-October, or you miss out. Tickets are few, and countless applications make it hard to get through unless you are super-lucky.  You can also try your luck with a club ballot if you are a member of one of the LTA-registered venues.

Queue up for your turn

Being a part of the famous Wimbledon queue is a once-in-a-lifetime experience every tennis buff must try. Be ready to go camping overnight to get a chance to see your favorites in action. Landing tickets for Centre or Court 1 is more than challenging, so you must plan for them. The sooner you reach, the better are your chances. Try to be there a day earlier, preferably in the morning, to get your queue card. Being in the first 500 means you will cruise through. 

Buy directly from debenture owners

Camping overnight and waiting endlessly may not sound easy to even the most dedicated tennis fan. Thankfully, you have the option to buy a ticket directly from a debenture owner. You can check Green & Purple to pick a ticket for the match and day you want in only a few clicks. Shelling out a considerable sum for debenture tickets makes sense as you get access to the show courts and premium facilities for a high-end Wimbledon experience. 

Explore overseas ballot

Wimbledon attracts thousands of tennis fans from around the world every year. If you want your London holiday to coincide with the event, you may take a chance with the overseas ballot. Since it is an online process, the application is a breeze regardless of your location. Just make sure to register on time so that you do not miss out.  The good thing is that you have the ongoing chance because returned and declined tickets are re-balloted.

Explore resale

At times, ticket holders leave Wimbledon early, giving a chance to others waiting in line. They can get their tickets scanned at the exit or place them in the red boxes provided for the purpose. You can buy the resale tickets inside the Grounds from the kiosk to the north of Court 18. But you have to be there on time, so you will require a ground pass to grab the resale when the kiosk opens after 15:00. You may miss a bit of the match, but just being there is good enough for most fans.

Debenture tickets make the best option because there are no endless waits or luck factors. So you shouldn’t think twice before spending on them. 

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