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Stimulus: Thousands could see $5,500 in direct payments in one state

Thousands of Americans could be in line to receive direct payments worth upwards of $5,500 in the state of Alaska.

cash from stimulus payments residents in Alaska could see.

The Senate has revised the budget to include $5,500 in payments to residents.

One check is $4,200 for the Permanent Fund Dividend and the other is $1,300 in aid to help offset the cost of energy due to inflation.

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Last month $2,600 was approved by the House.

That amount is less that the $3,850 approved by Alaska state Governor Mike Dunleavy.

What is the $4,200 stimulus payment?

The $4,200 that Alaskans could see would be given under the Permanent Fund Dividend.

This was created in 1980 and pays state residents a profit for the oil made by the state.

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This goes out annually and is actually a form of Universal Basic Income.

For 2021, residents saw $1,114.

The cost of oil has greatly increased since inflation set in along with the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Eligibility for this stimulus payment

The budget needs to be approved before anyone can expect a payment.

In order to get the Permanent Fund Dividend payment, you need to be an Alaskan resident for one year.

You become ineligible if you go to jail or are convicted of any felonies.

If people qualify for both proposed payment amounts, they could see $5,500 in all.

The budget is being worked on currently, and if the House and Senate fail to come to an agreement, there will be a special session.

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