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Ford Explorer recall due to rollaway risk

253,000 Ford Explorers are being recalled.

Ford Explorer recall.

Ford is recalling 253,000 of their Explorers due to rollaway risk.

This is the fourth major recall Ford has put out this month.

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Ford Explorer recall

When shopping for a new car it’s good to do all of your research to make sure there aren’t any recalls.

If you’re thinking about buying a Ford Explorer or already have you should keep reading.

This is the fourth major recall that the company has put out this month.

An article by says that Ford is currently recalling 253,000 of their Explorers.

The recall is due to a rollaway risk.

The rear-axle horizontal mounting bolt may fracture and cause the driveshaft to disconnect, potentially resulting in a rollaway.

The exact models and years being recalled are listed below

  • Ford Explorer – 2020-2022
  • Police Interceptor Utility Vehicles – 2020-2022

Dealerships will update the electronic parking software or replace the axle cover and bushing depending on the vehicle.

Any repairs to fix this recall will be done for free.

On June 6th the company will begin contacting all known owners.

Anyone with questions or concerns about this recall can call 866-436-7332 to speak to a representative.