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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an NFL Jersey

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You follow several NFL matches and love the game. Maybe you engaged in a bit of points spreads betting, cash out your winnings, and now you want to show your loyalty to the team by buying their jersey. Maybe you want to give your nephew or niece a jersey so you can get them to support your favorite team before they plead allegiance to another team.

No matter your reason for wanting to buy an NFL jersey, you’re making the right choice. By comparison, football jerseys are some of the easiest to wear. Some people don’t fancy basketball jerseys because there are no sleeves.

Hockey jerseys have long sleeves that can leave you sweltering hot, depending on where you live. Baseball jersey lovers are usually spotted adjusting their shirts. On the other hand, football jerseys are like T-shirts and are comfortable to put on.

There are different classes of NFL jerseys for fans looking to buy. However, prospective buyers don’t understand why some jerseys are expensive while others are cheap. If you want to decipher fake and authentic football jerseys, check out the guide below.

A Complete Guide to Purchasing an NFL Jersey

  • Purchasing an Authentic Nike Elite NFL Jersey

Since the early 2010s, Nike has made NFL jerseys. The quality of jerseys players wear in professional matches is referred to as ‘Elite.’ These jerseys allow for player flexibility during games. They’re made with nylon and spandex and are water-resistant, which makes sense for games on wet days.

There’s also a distinction between the body and the mesh. The numbers are sewn onto the jersey. Additionally, the cost to purchase these jerseys go at the least price of $200.

  • Purchasing Nike NFL Limited Jerseys

The NFL Limited jerseys look very similar to the Elite line. Nevertheless, there are key differences, like the material they’re made out of. This class of jerseys is polyester and doesn’t stretch like Elite Jerseys. The cost is in the range of $120 to $150.

  • NFL Pro Line Jerseys

NFL Pro Line Jerseys have one key distinction from the previous models. Nike does not make them. Although they’re authentic jerseys certified by the NFL, they contain no Nike logos. They cost around $100.

Identifying a Fake NFL Jersey

Just like other sportswear, bogus football jerseys are being sold everywhere. The best way to identify a fake jersey is the low price. If someone is willing to sell a jersey as low as $100, that could indicate that the jersey is fake. However, the price tag would make sense if the player got transferred to another team.

You can easily identify a fake football jersey if you’ve seen an authentic one up close several times. When you handle the fabric, you’ll feel that it is of lower quality than real ones. If there are loose threads on the jersey, it is probably not original.

The jock tag on fake jerseys is higher than those of real ones. Fake jerseys also have their jock tags bending easily. If the number on the jersey doesn’t reflect light, it is most likely a fake one.

Buying a football jersey on the internet could be tricky. It would be best to find merchants that offer guarantees on their commodities. If the pictures are cropped, it could also mean the jersey is fake.


Buying the NFL jersey of the team you support is a source of pride. Nevertheless, that joy could dissipate when you find out that your beloved jersey is fake. There are different lines of football jerseys like Nike NFL Limited Jersey, NLF Elite Jerseys, and NFL Pro Line Jerseys. They cost anywhere from $100 to $200.

Fake jerseys have jock tags that can be bent, non-quality fabric, high jock tags, and non-reflective jersey numbers.

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