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UBI: Some could see $350 payments for 10 months, who’s eligible?

There are hundreds of young Americans that can qualify for a UBI payment program soon that pays $350 per month for 10 months.

universal basic income, or UBI, program

125 adults between the ages of 16 and 24 can expect to see payments in New Orleans.

Those who wish to apply need to show that they are disconnected from work and school, which is a requirement.

The program was originally announced last year with a grant worth $500,000.

UBI: Applications for $500 per month close in two weeks

The grant comes from Mayors for a Guaranteed Income.

The goal is to help those who need it most, especially after the number of disconnected youth increased from COVID-19.

Youth are being directly invested in by being a part of this program.

Other UBI programs

Many places throughout the U.S. are offering UBI programs.

Ann Arbor, Michigan is offering 100 low income families $500 monthly payments for three years.

UBI: Program will pay thousands $1,000 monthly payments

5,000 Chicago residents will see $500 payments for one year.

85 residents in Austin, Texas will see $1,000 monthly payments.

California is trying to launch a UBI program for homeless high school seniors.

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