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Stimulus: $150 for public transportation in Los Angeles

A new program plans to send out $150 a month for public transit.

get $150 for public transportation

The initiative comes from the Los Angeles Department of transportation.

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Transit cards worth $150

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation wants to provide some financial relief. To accomplish this, they plan to distribute $150 each month as part of their new program. Read more about it here.

The department also aims to expand electric car and bike sharing, car charging stations, shuttle services in South LA, and improve pedestrian walkways.

The area that this project is intended to take place is home to over 370,000 people. About 29% of the households in that area are falling below poverty level. Of that, more than 6% don’t own a vehicle and 20% rely on public transit or bikes in order to travel to and from work.

In order to reform the transit system in that area, the City of Los Angeles is putting $17.8 million into the Universal Basic Mobility pilot.

It is expected that 2,000 residents of South LA will meet the requirements for the $150 monthly mobility wallets. This allows electronic payment for each ride on public transportation.

This will be an extension of LA’s Transit Access Pass card that can be used on rail and bus fares, Electric vehicle rentals, on-demand shuttles, e-bikes, and e-scooters are also included in the Access Pass.

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