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Stimulus: Which states are giving money to their residents?

Some states are offering residents money.

stimulus checks

It is designed to help them deal with inflation.

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Leftover funds

During the pandemic, the federal government gave the states billions of dollars. There is leftover money that hasn’t been used or distributed. Each state that has residual funds will allocate them differently to support the residents. Read more about it here. Some of the possible state supports include:

  • California: possible gas rebate up to $400 per vehicle with  2 vehicles per person
  • Georgia: $250 tax break for single filers, $375 for head of household and $500  for married filing jointly
  • Hawaii: possible tax break for taxpayers;$300 if earning less than $100, and $100 if earning more than $100
  • Idaho: potential tax rebate/ stimulus check; $75 or 12% of 2020 Idaho taxes, whichever is larger
  • Indiana: one time $125 refund
  • Kansas: reduction or elimination of state purchase tax
  • Kentucky: one-time stimulus rebate, up to $500 and $1,000 per household
  • Maine: $850 direct payment stimulus checks
  • New Jersey: possible property tax rebate, up yo $250 for renters and $700 for homeowners
  • New Mexico: one-time tax break, $250 for single filers, $500 for married filing jointly and up to $175 per child
  • New York: property tax rebate for 2021-2023; about $425 in the city and $970 outside the city
  • Pennsylvania: possibly reducing state gas tax by 30%
  • Virginia: possibly cutting or eliminating the state food tax and/or suspending state gas tax for a year

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