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Stimulus: Will checks for $1250 be distributed?

There is a proposal to distribute $1250 checks.

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The amount your eligible for will be based on age and number of dependents.

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Thousands to get gas stimulus cards worth $150- and public transit cards too

Who could get the check?

This proposal would benefit parents in the US. Utah senator Mitt Romney proposed the Family Security Act. Read more about it here.

The act aims to diminish child poverty. Most parents would be provided with $350 monthly payments for each kid under 6 and $250 for each child older than that but up to 17. The maximum benefit per family will be $1,250.

All families that are single filers under $200,000 and joint-filers under $400,000 will be eligible for the benefit.

If you earn more than the limit, you will get $50 less for every $1,000 above the threshold. There is a catch to it: you must work, volunteer, or train for at least 80 hours a month in order to receive the benefit.

There have been studies that show this proposal could make substantial differences in poverty.

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