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Devices every diabetes patient should use for a healthy lifestyle

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous silent killers, but fortunately, unlike cancer it can be controlled pretty easily. It only required attention, and hard work. If a person has set his mind to fight off diabetes, then no one can stop him. His mind will be the sole power to control his diabetes. 

Thanks to the advancing technologies, a person living in the 21st century is way more blessed than someone living earlier. Now it is pretty convenient to control diabetes, while knowing the unknown, such as the insulin level, and the amount of calories taken at a time. Scientific breakthroughs have made our lives quite easy even with diseases like diabetes. Many people in New York living with Diabetes will be able to benefit from advancements in technology.

Generally people only invest in treatments to cure diabetes, which is fine, but what is the benefit of living in such an age when you are unaware of the amazing devices that can help you control the blood sugar level? 

In this article, Diabetes Life Solutions will share with you a few devices that can help you in your journey to live a happy healthy life with diabetes. Let’s read on to learn more.

Insulin pen 

If you remember your college biology lecture, then you know that diabetes is the low level of a hormone, called insulin. Diabetic patients need to have it once or thrice a day. It is often injected, but with insulin pins, these injections are made easier. Those who are working in an office, and cannot take out time to go to a clinic for insulin, they must carry an insulin pen, as it is easier to use. These pens should be kept even when you feel you might not need it. 

Ketone test strips 

Usually sugar level is measured by using the sugar checking machine with blood, but many people are unable to use that device. For them, the ketone strips are the best and safest method. Whenever the blood ketone level rises, it indicates that the sugar level is also high, while the insulin is quite low. 

Continuous glucose monitoring sensor (CGM) 

The continuous glucose monitoring sensors are also a great invention. Many people in developed countries are now relying on CGMs instead of the conventional method to check their blood glucose. These monitors would come with a chip that would be placed on your skin to find out your blood sugar level. Medtronic diabetes technologies have created the best CGM so far, which can be controlled through Bluetooth and smartphone. 

Not only does a CGM help you manage your diabetes, it can help you save a little money.  Matt Schmidt, a Diabetes Insurance Advisor notes “many health and life insurance companies may offer discounted rates if you use technology.  Premiums for these products are always more expensive, due to being a higher risk.  As an example, life insurance with type 1 diabetes could be discounted 9% to 12 percent annually if you use a CGM device.”

Insulin infusion set 

We believe that injecting insulin several times a day can be very depressive for the diabetic patient. It is one of the reasons why they feel lonely, and different from a healthy person. This device can be fixed onto your stomach, where you always inject the insulin for up to seven days. The advanced insulin injecting devices come with an application too, so that the user must know the level of insulin. 

Diabetes alert bracelet 

Imagine that you have met with an unfortunate accident, and now you are unable to speak. How would the doctors know if you are diabetic? To help the paramedic staff in treating you rightly, you will need a bracelet mentioning you are a diabetic. These bracelets are often made up of metal, so that the data on the bracelet should not get erased. Alongwith the diabetes data, you should also mention an emergency number. 

The food calorie calculator 

The food calculator would help you understand how many calories have you taken with each meal. This is imperative for every diabetic patient, who needs to control it through diet. Eating unnecessarily will be pretty dangerous for you. Whenever you eat a meal, simply mention the anime of the food you had, and the software will automatically mention the calories in that particular food item. 

Steps calculator 

Walking and running should be a part of your daily routine if you are dedicated towards your health. However, overworking can lead to health issues. Thus, it is better to have an application which would help you know how much calories have you burnt through walking and exercising. One can easily download this in your mobile phone, and turn it on whenever you intend to go for a walk or run. 

Living with any type of Diabetes is challenging.  It really is.  However, if you’re able to utilize Diabetes specific technology, it’ll make things a little easier.  Before trying out any one particular device, make sure to speak with your Primary Doctor or Endocrinologist.

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