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Four things you should always buy at CVS (and some you shouldn’t)

There are almost 10,000 CVS stores nationwide.


With so many stores, you’re bound to find something worth wile.

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Items to buy

Some items are cheaper to buy from CVS, but there are also some you should avoid because you can get them cheaper elsewhere. Read more about it here.

1. Over the counter medication

Your prescriptions will usually be cheaper at somewhere like Walmart or Costco. However, store brand over the counter medication from CVS is less expensive.

The FDA requires drug producers to prove that their generic version is comparable to the brand-name product. They also have to have the same benefits.

2. Laundry detergent

CVS frequently puts name brand laundry detergents on sale. In addition to the discount, you can accumulate points if you are a member.

3. Seasonal items

Seasonal decorations or candy is usually cheaper at drug stores, like CVS.  They put their seasonal items on sale before the holiday to generate more shelf space.

4. Clearance bins

CVS will typically have a clearance section near the front of the store. There is usually a variety of items from lipstick to candy. You may find something nifty.

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Items to avoid

1. Salon style hair products

Buying these products at CVS might not be worth it. They tend to be more expensive but not as effective. If you are in need of salon quality tools, buy from your stylist or beauty supply store.

2. Toilet paper

The pandemic showed us that even toilet paper can get expensive. You probably will not find deals on toilet paper at CVS. You’ll get a better bargain buying in bulk elsewhere.

3. Soda

Cold sodas and drinks are hardly ever discounted because people will pay for the convenience factor. They may be enticing, but you can save buying somewhere else.

4. Bottled water

Bottled water is another purchase that you could save on if you buy in bulk. Even grocery stores will have more variety and deals.

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