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What caused the baby formula shortage in the US?

The US is seeing a shortage on baby formula.

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Product recalls and the Russia-Ukraine conflict have contributed to the supply shortage.

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Contaminated formula

Some of the most popular baby formula brands in the US have been recalled. This comes after reports of infants falling ill and one death after consuming infected material. This is a tricky issue as industries have been impacted globally. Read more about it here.

Abbott Nutrition is one of the largest baby formula companies in the US. They recalled batches of the baby formula and similar brands like Similar, Alimentum, and EleCare too.

The company made a statement acknowledging that millions rely on their product and are aware that it may have caused additional stress and anxiety. However, the global situation is already challenging considering the supply shortage. They added that they are working hard to help caregivers get the necessary nutrition to their babies.

The war in Ukraine is also having unexpected on formula stock worldwide. Both Ukraine and Russia are huge exporters of grain and fertilizer, the largest on the planet. The supply chain is being cut off which prevents the manufacturing of essential products.

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What is being done to counter the shortage?

The US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has limited how much baby formula parents can purchase.

Walmart and Target will let you  get five containers of formula each day. If you decide to order online from Target, you’ll only be able to order four. At Walgreens and CVS you can get three infant and toddler formula products per transaction.

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