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Auburn considering increased security measures at City Hall

In the wake of increasingly confrontational encounters between Auburn city employees and the public, the city is considering beefing up security at City Hall.

Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason says City Manager Jeff Dygert and the City Council are looking at everything from high tech to additional manpower.

The Citizen quotes City Manager Dygert as saying a number of people have become frequent and unpleasant visitors to City Hall. At the council’s April 7 meeting, Mayor Mike Quill asked Dygert to make a presentation to the council as to what he believes are appropriate security measures. Quill told Dygert the measures probably don’t need council approval, although it appears the council agrees with the need for more security.

How additional security would be paid for is unclear, since it was not included in the most recent budget presentation to the council. Listen to my full Inside the FLX conversation with Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason below.