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Pfizer recalls lots of ACCUPRIL

Pfizer is recalling ACCUPRIL.

Pfizer ACCUPRIL recall alert.

Voluntary recall by Pfizer for lots of ACCUPRIL.

Due to N-Nistroso- Quinapril content.

Storage rack recall due to injury hazard

Pfizer recall

The company is recalling ACCUPRIL.

Due to the fact it may contain contents of N-Nistroso Quinapril.

They are recalling the 10mg, 20mg and 40mg bottles.

The following are the lot codes strengths and expiration dates

  • DR9639 – 10 mg – 2023 MAR 31
  • DX8682 – 20 mg -2023 MAR 31
  • DG1188 -20 mg – 2022 MAY 31
  • DX6031 -40 mg -2023 MAR 31
  • CK6260 – 40 mg -2022 MAY 31

These ACCUPRIL products were distributed to wholesalers and disturbers across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

From December 2019 through April 2022.

Do not use these recalled pills.

Throw them away and contact Pfizer for a refund.

Call 800-438-1985 to speak to a representative.

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