$2 Aldi alternative to Starbucks coffee- with three flavor options

If you drink coffee daily, consider this Starbucks dupe from Aldi.

Aldi store

Its a fraction of the cost and comes in three flavors.

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Aldi’s Starbucks copycat

Shoppers are saying that Aldi’s coffee is just as good as Starbucks but for only $2. Aldi has Barissimo Iced Coffee. It comes ready to drink and in three different flavors: Vanilla, Mocha, and Coffee Latte. Read more about it here.

In addition to the already prepared coffee drink, Aldi carries other coffee products from the same brand. They have cups, grounds, and instant coffee too.

The average drink at Starbucks is around $2.75 across America, but prices tend to be higher in NYC.

Cutting back the Starbucks trips and making coffee at home (or from Aldi) could save you big over a year. You can also save money at Starbucks by using free refills.

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