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Toy recall due to choking hazard

This toy is being recalled.

Recalled toy. Photo sourced from Consumer Product Safety Commision

Monti Kids recalls wooden push toys due to choking hazard.

Mattress recall due to Flammability

Toy Hazard

Monti Kids is recalling their wooden push toy.

Due to the fact that the balls inside of the wooden cylinder can become exposed.

Causing a choking hazard to children.

The defected product will have one of the following lot codes

  • 0D41
  • 1A41

There is around 1,375 units included in this recall.

They were sold as part of the Monti Kids subscription program.

And online at

From April 2021 through January 2022.

So far there has been no reported cases of injuries.

But there has been 145 reports of the wooden cylinder separating.

If you have one of these toys take it away from children.

And properly dispose of the product by throwing it away.

Then contact Monti Kids for a refund.

Call 800-674-3845 to talk to a representative from Monti Kids.

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