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Best fitness software by Wellyx you need in your gym

Are you reaching your business goals? Starting a fitness business doesn’t save you from its problems. It’s because running a fitness business is not less than a challenge. Sometimes you have to manage your piles of records while some other times you will need to see your clients. 

These hurdles will never leave you but you have to cross them with full strength. Wellyx is helping you in such an intense journey in the fitness business. The power of its software will straighten all of the mismanagement in your studio. 

Although, looking perfect is difficult but the software will try its best to manage your fitness industry. The training coaches and all other staff will need your attention and here you can do it through a system. 

Before diving into the software, let’s just see which fitness industry gaps you are facing? Below are all the gaps that you need to cover in your gym. 

Fitness Industry Gaps to Resolve:

Owning a fitness studio is a task full of challenges. If you are ready to accept these challenges then just jump into this industry. Wait! These challenges can’t discourage you if you are choosing Fitness Software for all your problems. 

Let’s just have a quick review of all the challenges you are facing in this fitness industry:

  1. Attracting Clients

You are standing in a market where everyone is trying to let you down. This is called market competition. Have you ever thought that how you can raise your name in this crowd? Moreover, how you can convince people that you are offering a better service?

Here you have to use your brain and attract a specific audience. First, you need to describe your fitness studio. Are you thinking about how can you attract the right audience for your gym? Just offer them what they want. Now you might be confused about how can you spread your offer message? 

The sales feature in the software will help you in this case. You should mention all the details about your offer and the software will update it on your website. 

  1. Members Retention

Keeping everyone happy is a difficult task. If you are the gym owner then you must offer some exciting services for your members. Sometimes the offer you put in front of your clients can be unsatisfactory for them. These unhappy members will become a challenge for you. 

Attracting people to your gym is quite easy than maintaining their interest in it.  If your clients will not find any service suitable, they may switch their gym. Are you focusing on a strategy to retain your gym members? 

The Fitness Management Software will provide automation in your gym task from which no member can go away. The feature of push notification in this system will help you in sending messages to your clients. If you offer them some exciting offers which they want, they will surely stay in your gym. 

1. Class Bookings

Are you offering late-night gym bookings? If not, then it’s the problem which you can face from your gym clients. Is there any cancellation option in your booking service? These are the major elements that can disturb your fitness business. 

The creation of a class schedule is the first task you need to complete before making an appointment. What if there is no schedule for gym exercise classes? The software will drive your fitness car from the wrong direction to the right one.

The clients who were facing a problem in class booking can use a booking system. This software will let your members just a click away from their booking. A mobile app for class booking will further resolve the calls and email issues for your gym members. 

2. Payments Issue

Do you have the potential to generate more revenue? Update your payment platform to satisfy your clients. Launching a fitness studio without managing its finance is a foolish act. How can you manage a long list of clients waiting to pay for your gym services?

Earn with bit hands by updating your gym services. How can you overcome this cash counter issue? Choose software to calculate and manage your studio payments. Watch your payment counter and chase your payment bank.

What if your members want to pay online? Hence, taking a Fitness Studio Software is a sensible decision to run a fitness industry. Many minor to major problems of payment will resolve by choosing a single software. 

3. Employee Management

All of you are confused that how can managing staff be challenging? It’s a challenge because every staff member has different goals. Some are serious about their job position while some are only doing it because they don’t have anything else to do. 

A schedule of staff will help them to judge their daily task. Otherwise, how they can see their work routine? Is everything juggling in your mind? Don’t panic, as you have the fastest solution for all these employees’ issues.

You don’t need to understand the need of every single employee in your gym. Just try a software which will manage all the shifts and attendance of your staff. Is payroll a conflict in your gym? A system will resolve it by adding payroll and tips into the personal accounts of gym trainers. 

4. Membership Matter

Are you still stuck in your member’s mind? You need to judge everything running in their mind. Now, you are most probably thinking that how is it possible? Don’t worry because you have a dynamic solution for it.

Offer memberships to your precious members. It’s an all-in-one feature including all services of your gym. Wait! The issue is how you can offer this membership? The detail of every member is also important which you can’t miss. 

Select software to let you out of all these membership issues. What can a system do? Yes, it can manage all the details of your members to their membership type. Moreover, using an online portal to handle memberships can lessen the challenge of members retention. 

Why a Gym Fitness Software Only?

It’s the fact if you get sick then you will look for a doctor. Similarly, if you are still using paper to mention your record, the software is the one that can help you. You can’t keep away from your clients and you can’t always stay with them. 

The software will be your only source to stay connected with your gym members. If anything happens to them, you can solve it immediately. This software will provide you with a brief solution for all of your problems regarding the gym.

Let’s observe some of the popular services for which every gym owner is choosing software.

Solutions to All your Gym Problems:

Here are the possible solution or services of this software that will solve all your gym issues. Observe all the possible solutions for your fitness studio. If you are facing a problem in your fitness business, consult these services a software:

1. Online Booking

Are you getting late for your gym appointment? Don’t worry know you can cancel it as gyms are taking software for it. Reached but never found a space in the fitness studio? Every gym has some studios for all types of exercise. 

A system will allocate a space for all the gym clients to perform the exercise. Before fixing an appointment, checking the timeslot is important. If you don’t check your trainer’s timeslot, it will let you a difficulty. 

The difficulty is, your client will arrive and your training is missing. How can you face your clients in such an odd situation? Thus, confirm the availability of your gym staff before fixing an appointment. A system is enough for it. 

2. Staff Availability

Getting problem in planning your staff Rota? Is it necessary? Yes, because neglecting the staff schedule means you are not sincere with your business. It’s just due to the unavailability of the staff on the arrival of the client. 

You have to supervise your gym staff by watching their shift time. The problem is, you can’t be in the gym all time to spy on your staff. Here’s software from which the schedule to the shifts of your gym staff will manage. 

Then comes punctuality. A Software for Fitness Trainers will check the punctuality of your staff. If a staff member needs to take a leave, you are the one to allow him virtually via software. 

3. Membership Dealings

Is your membership duration ending? Don’t panic, as you have an option to renew it. The renewal of all your client’s memberships is a hectic task. What if you can do it virtually? Nothing can be more pleasing than managing gym memberships online.

A system is an online offer to handle your gym memberships. Moreover, if you are up to improving your cash flow, improve your memberships. More clients will come by a change in the membership panel. 

You can push your sales by offering a recurring payment. All these membership challenges have one solution which is software. The flexible membership options will attract your clients. The gyms that are missing this opportunity should try the software to enjoy a valuable sale. 

4. Payment Easement

How can you win the hearts of your gym clients? It’s simple, by offering them more services. Payment is the service that is challenging for all gyms. First, it is difficult to convince a person to buy a gym membership.

Once he agrees then there is no online payment option for him. How embarrassing is it that your client wants an online payment and you don’t have it? No problem, you can make software for your fitness studio. 

Never see multiple options to pay? The software will provide many options through which you can pay for your gym membership. Open any of your online accounts and pay for the gym membership through it. It will cover your gym audience globally by offering online payment. 

5. Clients Portal

Do you ever see a chatting portal? Your fitness studio will immensely need it to satisfy your clients. What if your clients have some queries about the gym? A portal from Fitness Schedule Software will solve all these issues for them. They can now ask anything freely from your gym staff. 

No matter, while it’s the booking or payment, this portal will keep all info of your clients. They can further book the gym memberships via the gym app. The fitness classes booking is now available on your mobiles. 

Go for your favorite membership and have it via software. Pay online against all your gym bookings. Your clients will review all their booking details in these accounts. The total purchase of every client will display in the same account. 

6. Automation in Services

If you are struggling to contact your clients then go for software. It can manage all your emails and appointment reminders. The system will generate an email against every event. The clock-in to check-out times of the gym staff and members will also get automated.

No manual booking will get an acknowledgement in the gym anymore. Online payments are a further improvement in the fitness studio. What about the client’s portal? Yes, it’s a big achievement in the field of fitness to offer a portal for each client. 

They can view all their fitness reports to the class booking in this portal. Furthermore, they can chat with the staff about any confusion running in their mind. The personal trainer will communicate with their clients via an online chatbox. 

It’s a Wrap:

Technology has evolved so much that people are depending on it. Hardly there are few tasks in this world where no technology is applicable. Otherwise, all the industries like fitness or wellness are following this technology to earn revenue. 

A Fitness Management System is the one from such technology which all of you are using in your gyms. All of you are scheduling your fitness classes through the system. Moreover, the payment against every class booking is also online in the software. 

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