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Aldi hack to get cashback on certain items

Aldi shoppers could get some extra saving on their groceries.

Aldi store

Downloading one app and using it in store could earn you cashback.

You can pay for groceries by swiping your palm- but where?

Aldi hack

There are a plethora of apps that will track your shopping and give you rewards. Aldi recommends Checkout 51 because customers can submit their receipts for non-brand specific foods like produce. Read more about it here.

Products like pet food, bottled drinks, and cleaning products, could earn shoppers up to $4 back for each product.

After you’ve downloaded it, you can check the offer list that is updated on Thursdays with new deals. You can add offers right to your shopping list.

After you’re done shopping, hit redeem and check off the items you’ve bought so the system can find them on the scanned receipt. Once approved, your accounted will be credited with cash back.

You’ll be able to cash out once you’ve hit $20 in cashback and Checkout 51 will mail you a check.

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