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You can pay for groceries by swiping your palm- but where?

Amazon always has cutting edge technology and customer service.

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They are trying out a new way to pay at grocery stores in the US.

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Palm reading technology from Amazon one

At a Whole Foods in Austin, Texas, shoppers can pay for their groceries by simply holding their palm over the reader at checkout. The palm reader is powered by Amazon One. It offers contactless checkout by scanning your palm and charging the linked card. Read more about it here.

You can register one or both palms with Amazon One and link your card before you go shopping. This is the quick and convenient payment option as it takes about a second.

The palm reader checkout is available at the Austin Whole foods but will be rolled out to all seven stores around the city. It is expected to happen within the next few weeks.

Every Whole Foods store in Seattle offers palm checkout. There is also a location in Washington D.C. and California. Austin will be the second US city to offer this payment option at every Whole Foods location, just behind Seattle, Washington.

Is it only at Whole Foods?

Amazon One technology is also being used at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena and some Amazon Go stores in New York, Colorado, Washington, and California.

Some politicians are concerned about customer security. Systems like Apple’s Face ID or Touch ID, or Samsung Pass store the biometric data on the device. Amazon One reportedly uploads the biometric data to the cloud.

Amazon claimed that palm signatures are kept in a “highly secure area.” There is a specific spot in the cloud for this information that is specifically for biometric data.

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