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You’ve been ordering Panera wrong- here’s five ways to save

If you love Panera, then you’ll really love these savings.

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Here are five ways to save when you order at Panera Bread.

Where can you save the most- Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s?

1. Sign up for Panera Rewards

Panera’s rewards program is different from most others. Rather than awarding you for the amount you spend, it is based on transactions. Every sixth transaction will earn you something. The rewards vary from free bagels, free drinks, or discounted meals. Anyone 13 or older can sign up and start earning rewards. Read about and other ways to save here.

2. Make separate transactions when ordering with a friend

Because Panera’s reward system is based on transactions, you’ll both benefit from separate transactions by accumulating more rewards each.

3. Stop by near closing

If you stop by Panera near closing time, which is 9pm for most locations, you might score some free pastries.

The leftover pastries are thrown out at the end of the night. Just ask the cashier if you can have a free cookie or pastry.

4. A kids portion is the same as a half portion

Whether you order a half portion from the regular menu, or a kids portion, you’ll be getting the same amount of food. There is more variety and the cost is the same.

5. Watch social media for promo codes

Panera posts discounts and promo codes on their social media. A few times a year Panera will offer codes to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers.

The codes range from $5 off an online order of $20 or unlimited free coffee on national coffee day.

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