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Stimulus: These Americans may see a $2,000 stimulus payment

One governor is working hard to pass a proposal that would give residents of the state stimulus checks worth $2,000.

cash from stimulus payments

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf wants to use American Rescue Plan money to give direct payments to residents suffering financially.

The plan is known as the Pennsylvania Opportunity Plan.

$1,400 stimulus checks under new proposal

Qualifying for the stimulus payment

In order to qualify, your household income would not exceed $80,000 for up to $2,000.

Households earning $50,000 or less would see $2,000.

Households making between $50,000 and $80,000 would see $1,500.

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How to get your final stimulus check

The payments will not be taxed as income and would come directly from the Pennsylvania Treasury.

This is only one part of a $1.7 billion dollar plan proposed by Governor Wolf.

There would be $225 million for small businesses, $325 million for healthcare, $204 million for property taxes, and $450 million for investing in communities.

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