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Stimulus: $1,400 stimulus checks under new proposal

A new program being proposed would give some Americans stimulus checks worth $1,400 sometime this summer.

Cash Americans could see from a stimulus payment

The residents who would benefit are those from Washington, Iowa.

These people did not get COVID stimulus checks despite dealing with hardships that the pandemic caused them.

The funding would come from money given under the American Rescue Plan.

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How to get your final stimulus check

The city of Washington, Iowa received $1.08 billion dollars to go to its residents.

Who would see the stimulus payments?

Escucha Mi Voz Washington, an advocacy group, is requesting the proposal be passed.

The group found around 140 city residents that did not get federal stimulus checks in 2021.

The funding needed to give these people checks is around $200,000.

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Fourth Check: 5 states are sending a fourth check with tax rebates

One issue is that there are a lot of people who qualify that faced hardships and did not qualify for the federal stimulus check.

This could cause funding to run out.

One way around this is prioritizing those based on how much someone was negatively impacted.

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