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This certificate aims to make you a Networking Professional  

Cisco’s one of the newest certification exams is an important one to make Network Engineers become Professional at their job. It is CCNP ENCOR.

The first impression that you might take when you hear about this certification is that it replaces the old famous CCNP Routing & Switching certificate.

Actually, it is true, that a lot of new evolving technology topics have been added to the syllabus. A good CCNP ENCOR Training will definitely help you to pass this certification and also help your network engineering career.

 What does the CCNP ENCOR exam cover?

From the technology point of view, this exam focuses on 7 different domains of knowledge.

When we look at them, some of these technologies we can consider old school, traditional technologies, such as OSPF, EIGRP, BGP routing protocols, or some of the basic network security mechanisms and the protocols but definitely adding Virtualization, Network Automation, and Network Programmability shows us that Cisco really tries to cover new evolving technologies, that many Enterprise networks deploy and use in their companies.

If we look at the technologies in the exam blueprint, these are:

  • Network Architecture
  • Virtualization Types
  • Infrastructure Technologies
  • Assurance and Monitoring
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Networks Automation

What you should do to get this certification? 

This certification is not the beginner level, we should say in the first place. You need to be familiar with the basics of routing, fundamentals of switching, and so on. And you should be willing to spend months on the preparation as well.

Would it be worth spending this amount of time?

Definitely yes, because as mentioned above, you will not only learn the traditional technologies but you will learn the most recent technologies that can be used in not only Enterprise WAN or LAN networks, but any Datacenter networks, in the Service Provider, Enterprise, and even Cloud networks.

The important thing is how you should get help from a place that can help you to pass not only this certification but also provide you the real-life examples and deployment information. can be a good choice when it comes to Networking certification training.

We are seeing a lot of good feedback and the success stories about them and definitely, it is worth considering them.

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