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Mortgage: Which states are giving stimulus payments for mortgages?

First the pandemic, and now inflation has homeowners struggling to keep up with payments. Some states are offering a mortgage stimulus.

house next to mortgage stimulus paperwork

To help these Americans, the Homeowner Assistance Fund was created.

This program works to help people from having their mortgages end up defaulting and going into foreclosures.

It also helps with utilities and home energy being shut off.

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The program helps those impacted on or after Jan. 21, 2020.

The funding from HAF can be used to pay mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, and other home related expenses.

Those hit the hardest take priority.

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Who can receive help with their mortgage and what sort of help?

Each state was given a minimum of $50 million in funding.

Anyone who can show that they experienced financial hardship after Jan. 21, 2020 or before could be eligible.

You need to be 150% less than the area median income, or 100% of the federal median income.

The balance of the mortgage needs to be below $548,250.

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