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Housing Assistance: Applying for Section 8 housing explained

Rent and mortgage payments are skyrocketing across the country, and more Americans are seeking out housing assistance like Section 8.

paperwork to rent with section 8 housing assistance

In Denver, Colorado rent has increased 17% in the last year which made 20,000 more people apply for Section 8 housing, according to The Sun.

This happened within 2 days of Section 8 applications reopening.

The issue is studies show there’s only 1 open apartment in the city for every 14 people who applied.

In March 2022, President Biden signed a bill that would fund more affordable housing and community development.

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Section 8 housing assistance explained

Low income families and people find subsidized rentals throughout the country using Section 8.

Vouchers can cover anywhere from 30%-40% of rent or the entire thing.

The local public housing offices handle everything on a state level from applications to the actual housing.

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Eligibility for housing assistance

  • Income cannot exceed 50% of the county median income
  • Choose a rental unit below or above payment standard
  • Pay 30% of your AGI for rent and utilities
  • If rent is more than payment standard, pay the difference

Rent-to-own housing assistance requirements

Some people may qualify for the rent to own option.

Requirements include

  • First time homeowner
  • One person in household must be employed full time
  • Must have minimum amount of money in a savings account
  • Attend a pre-assistance homeownership course
  • Attend housing counseling program
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