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IRS: Can tax refunds be deposited on a Sunday?

Monday marks the deadline to get your taxes filed with the IRS for 2021, and many want to know when to expect a refund.

tax paperwork to submit to the IRS for a tax refund

Many have already filed and want to know if they can see their refund deposited over the weekend.

When you receive a refund depends on when you filed your tax return.

The IRS says they’re sending most refunds within 21 days of processing your return, but there could be a delay.

IRS: You need to take this step to file an extension

Delays often happen if your return needs to be reviewed for any reason.

The review may be because you submitted incomplete or inaccurate information.

Returns that claim the Recovery Rebate Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit are the most likely to be delayed.

Will tax refunds be sent by the IRS on Sundays?

Whether you get it on a Sunday primarily depends on your bank.

Some banks allow deposits to be made over the weekend.

If your deposit is scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, you may see it the next business day.

This is likely to be a Monday unless there’s a holiday, then the following business day.

From the day the refund is issued it could take one to five business days to hit your account.

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