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IRS: 5 things to avoid an audit as tax season comes to a close

Millions of Americans may have found themselves waiting until the last minute to file tax returns with the IRS for 2022.

post it note saying "tax day" as the IRS gets ready to audit some returns

When rushing to finish, you could make a mistake that may result in catching the attention of the IRS.

Statistics show 4 of every 1,000 returns end up being audited.

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There are 5 mistakes you could make when filing with the IRS that may draw attention to your return

Any mismatching information or typos could cause the IRS to review your return.

This includes writing something on the wrong line or putting the wrong amount somewhere.

Using round numbers may draw attention.

IRS: You need to take this step to file an extension

This means if you’re a gig worker you should be careful because round numbers catch the IRS’ attention.

You must be exact in your reporting.

Using the home office deduction may catch attention because more people are likely to claim in this year.

You need to be sure you claimed it correctly, because working from your room or kitchen isn’t applicable.

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Only 4 days left to submit return and get tax refund

The child tax credit has triggered a lot of attention from the IRS.

If your income is different, what you can claim may drop.

The earned income tax credit is being looked at as well because more people can claim it now compared to prior years.

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