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IRS will update ‘Where’s My Refund’ app if there is funding

The IRS has agreed to modernize its online ‘Where’s My Refund’ tool.

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However, the update is contingent on available funding.

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Is there a timeline for the update?

The IRS will generate a timeline and plan for the ‘Where’s My Refund’ tool update with the Treasury Department. This is because the modernization of the app will only happen if there is funding available. Find additional details here.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that updating the tool isn’t a funding priority through 2025. User satisfaction had also declined to 24%, but is still the IRS’s most frequently used app.

‘Where’s my Refund’ currently allows users to see if their return was received, approved, and sent. Sometimes the dollar amount and any corrections can also be seen. Usually there is a 1-2 week wait between the return receipt and refund approval. Users aren’t alerted if there was an error and their tax return needs manual review.

The application is 20 years old and the last time any noticeable updates were made was in 2013.

When the app is updated, it will include static messages explaining delays, a link to FAQ about delays, and the information would be available via online accounts and mobile alerts.

GAO has also recommended that the IRS generates a plan for in-person taxpayer services. They are in the process of expanding their virtual customer service options.

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