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Social Security payments go out today based on your birthday

Millions of Americans will start getting their monthly Social Security payments today.

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However, not everyone will get a check today because distribution is based on birth date.

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April payment schedule

Social Security benefits are calculated based on COLA. There has been a 5.9% rise in COLA. It has brought the average monthly benefit to $1,657. Additional details available here.

The day you’ll get your benefit depends on the day you were born. The schedule for April goes as follows:

  • Birthdate between the 1st and 10th- payment deposited on the second Wednesday of the month: April 13
  • Birthdate between the 11th and 20th- payment deposited on the third Wednesday of the month: April 20
  • Birthdate between the 21st and 31st- payment deposited on the fourth Wednesday of the month: April 27

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The payment schedule for the rest of 2022

The birth date distribution days remain the same but the exact dates are as follows:


  • Second Wednesday: May 11
  • Third Wednesday: May 18
  • Fourth Wednesday: May 25


  • Second Wednesday: June 8
  • Third Wednesday: June 15
  • Fourth Wednesday: June 22


  • Second Wednesday: July 13
  • Third Wednesday: July 20
  • Fourth Wednesday: July 27


  • Second Wednesday: August 10
  • Third Wednesday: August 17
  • Fourth Wednesday: August 24


  • Second Wednesday: September 14
  • Third Wednesday: September 21
  • Fourth Wednesday: September 28


  • Second Wednesday: October 12
  • Third Wednesday: October 19
  • Fourth Wednesday: October 26


  • Second Wednesday: November 9
  • Third Wednesday: November 16
  • Fourth Wednesday: November 23


  • Second Wednesday: December 14
  • Third Wednesday: December 21
  • Fourth Wednesday: December 28

The Social Security Administration will announce the COLA for 2023 in the fall if prices continue to rise.

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