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Social Security: What can I still earn while I’m on Social Security?

What you can earn while still working and collecting Social Security benefits depends on your age and whether you’ve hit full retirement age.

social security card with cash and check representing benefits

Many Americans want to continue earning money while they collect retirement, but they need to be aware of the income limit.

You can earn money, but there is an earnings limit.

If you pass that limit you can see your benefits reduced.

$2,753 monthly Social Security checks?

This is different if you hit full retirement age, which is 66 or 67 depending on your year of birth.

If you hit your full retirement age, then there is no limit to what you can earn on the side.

Knowing your FRA is important.

Anyone born between 1943 and 1954 has a FRA of 66, and anyone born in 1960 or later has a FRA of 67.

Who can get the maximum $3,345 benefit?

What is the limit I can earn while collecting Social Security?

The limit is $1,630 per month.

This is an annual salary of $19,560 per year.

If you make more, you’ll have one dollar withheld for every two dollars earned past the limit.

The year you reach your FRA your limit is different.

The annual limit is $51,960, and you’ll see one dollar for every three made withheld from your benefits.

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