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Sodium Hydroxide recall due to child safety issue

This sodium hydroxide product is being recalled due to the possible child safety issue.

Sodium Hydroxide recall. photo sourced from Consumer Product Safety Commission.

biOrigins sodium hydroxide products recalled. Due to failure to meet child-resistant packaging requirement.

Listeria contamination in Jerky

Sodium Hydroxide recall

On top of not being able to meet child resistant packaging requirements.

These sodium hydroxide packages also do not meet the FHSA labeling requirement.

The exact product in this recall is the following


And will have one of the following batch numbers

  • 4408414
  • 4423901
  • 4430708
  • 4415403

These batch numbers can be found on the back of the product.

There is about 30 units affected by this recall.

The product was sold online at from July 202 through July 2021.

If one of these packages get into the hands of a child they can be at risk of the following

  • Skin irritation
  • Chemical burns
  • Eye irritation

If you have purchased this Sodium Hydroxide keep out of reach of children.

And contact Madar Corporation for a full refund.

And a free warning label.

Anyone with questions regarding this recall can call 315-537-8102 to talk to a representative.

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