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Wegmans: Save money on vegetables with this hack

Inflation has caused a lot of products to increase in price, but using this hack at Wegmans could save at least $4.

corn that can be purchased at grocery stores like Wegmans

One of the hardest hit grocery items amid inflation is produce, causing people to skip some fruits and vegetables while shopping.

When it comes to corn, you could save yourself $4 at least with Wegmans.

By purchasing loose corn instead of peeled corn, you would spend $2 vs. $6.

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Other tips for shopping at Wegmans

You can save money by using digital coupons with Wegmans.

If you hate shopping in crowds, you can opt to grocery shop in the evening.

A worker from Wegmans told The Sun that the best time to shop and avoid crowds is after 9 p.m.

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Wegmans is big on customer service, and does not want you to leave the store until you’re satisfied.

You can always stop by the customer service desk to see if there is any help you could receive.

Unfortunately, if you abuse this privilege for scamming or abusing the policy, you will be exempt.

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