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Geneva Theatre Guild’s “Playwrights’ Play Readings” go LIVE again!

After nearly three years, the Geneva Theatre Guild’s “Playwrights Play Readings” series will be renewing live local performances. Audiences who flocked to these events for more than two decades will once again be able to see them in person.

It’s the magic of live theatre: that electric, nearly symbiotic relationship between actors and those for whom they perform. The audiences for this year’s Play Readings – even those watching via livestream (which will still be an option) – will almost certainly notice the difference. The actors absolutely will!

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Though the Play Readings went on during the worst years of COVID, and the GTG certainly appreciated those who shared their technical talents to help it continue, the initial excitement of ZOOM and SKYPE productions has definitely run its course. Actors, directors, and authors alike are excited to get back to live productions. Knowing the ‘4th wall’ is imaginary again is empowering. While it’s possible to perform without a live audience, seeing and hearing that feedback – that burst of laughter or even tears – is almost essential to get the best performances possible from the players, and provides the most fulfilling experience for the viewer as well.

Performances dates/times/places will be:

  • Friday, April 22, 7:00 PM, Geneva Public Library, 244 Main St., Geneva *
  • Saturday, April 23, 7:00 PM, Anthony Road Winery, 1020 C.R. 3 (Anthony Rd.), Penn Yan
  • Sunday, April 24, 2:00 PM, The Dove Block, 465 South Exchange St., Geneva

Tickets can be purchased online through Facebook or the website. Prices will be $8 or $12 for Saturday, which inclides hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine.

The GTG has a great line-up of plays this year and hopes to see you at one (or more!) of these venues.

*Please note: The use of a Geneva Public Library meeting space by an unaffiliated organization does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of said organization’s policies or beliefs.*

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 “What to Expect”, written by Chris Woodworth, directed by Eleanor Stearns, with Janet Peck as Meredith and Lara Schmidtgall as Kelly.

“Queersighted” by Jessi Steirs will be directed by Steve Duprey, with Melissa Wright as Anna and Loretta Norwalk as ‘Sexuality.’ Cindy Duprey will be narrating.

“Trying” written by Allyson Morgan is being directed by Loren Schmidtgall, with narration by Brandon Wyand, Lucas Riegal as Robert, Stanley Weaver as ‘Man 2,’ Kathryn Snyder as ‘Alex’ and Joanne Saracino as ‘Woman 2.’

“Vistas” by Mike Byham, with Eliyah Roberts directing and August Deimel as Judd. Ronnie will be played by Stuart Sewell, with May Fansworth providing narration.

“Midge” by Adrienne LaValley, directed by Linda Stevenson, with Mary Friday as Miriam, Jay Merante as the Marine Guard, and narration by Casandra Sharp.