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Eviction Ban: Ban extended in California to help thousands

On Thursday, California decided it would extend the eviction ban across the state, helping to save thousands from becoming homeless.

rent due for those facing an eviction ban

This is the fourth time the state has extended the eviction ban.

This time it is set to continue until June 30, 2022.

Rental Assistance: $87.3 million going out to some Americans

The emergency bill was signed just hours before the ban was set to expire.

Over 100,000 renters who have applied for assistance are still waiting.

Those who are still waiting on pending applications could have faced eviction April 1.

Rental Assistance: One day left to apply for assistance and avoid eviction

Those who are still waiting to see what their application will get them are protected for three more months.

Other cities and counties created laws to protect renters, but the bill made it so local proposals are banned.

There could be another pause as applications remain pending at no fault of the renter.

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