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Rental Assistance: One day left to apply for assistance and avoid eviction

March 31, 2022 is the cutoff for California residents to be able to apply for rental assistance that can help them avoid being evicted.

hands holding a home representing rental assistance

This is part of the California COVID-19 Rent Relief program.

The target group to benefit from this program are those considered low income who need the assistance for rent and utilities.

The money will go toward electricity, gas, and fuel bills not included in rent.

If the renter has lost income due to the pandemic the money can be used for back rent.

Landlords may apply on behalf of the renter.

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American Rescue Plan: Can I get rent assistance?

California rental assistance program explained

488,000 families applied for the help when the program started, and 214,000 have received funding, according to The Sun.

If renters apply on time, legislatures are looking to extend protection against eviction through June 30, 2022.

A poll taken by the Public Policy Institute of California showed that 34% of renters express that they’re very concerned. The concern is over paying for bills and rent.

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