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Rental Assistance: $87.3 million going out to some Americans

Some Americans are still benefitting from money that was allocated for things like rental assistance amid COVID-19.

rental assistance available to those with a rent due date

$625 million has already gone out to residents in New Jersey for rental assistance.

$87.3 million more dollars is being given to the state to help residents.

It is specifically designated for residents that need help with rent.

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There is also a $500 million dollar eviction prevention program being launched to help residents for two years.

68,000 New Jersey families have already received help.

What is happening with the rental assistance across the country?

The federal government is no longer giving money out for emergency help.

The government is also taking back funds that were not used by states.

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That money is then going to states that really need it like New Jersey.

The redistribution is need based.

Many states are under fire for not giving out the money quick enough, but the states say they didn’t have enough time to prepare.

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