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SSI: SSI benefit checks worth up to $841 to be sent in 2 days

In just two days Americans receiving SSI benefits can expect their payment, which is worth on average $621.

social security card with cash representing benefits like SSI

For the month of April entirely, SSI recipients can expect two checks totaling a potential $1,682.

8 million Americans collect SSI, with the maximum check being worth $841.

The 5.9% COLA increase increased SSI checks as well.

Two payments worth $1,682 in April 2022

Why are there two SSI checks in April?

There is a holiday payment schedule in place for some months throughout the year.

The first time it went into effect was in Dec. 2021, when Jan. 1 2022’s payment was made in Dec.

For April, there are two payments because May 1 falls on a Sunday.

This means there are two payments in April and none in May.

Low and middle income Americans could receive $240 payments every three months

If the first of the month falls on a weekend day or holiday, the payment will be made the business day before.

The two payments in April will be Friday, April 1 and Friday, April 29.

Social Security checks will not be impacted.

Those are made on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday of each month.

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