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Tax Brackets: Federal and State tax brackets explained

As Americans work to figure out their rates to file their returns, many want to know the differences between state and federal tax brackets.

tax return forms that will determine your tax bracket with the irs

There are differences between state and federal taxes.

State and federal taxes exist to pay for federal, state, and local government with roads, libraries, and other public services.

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Federal vs. State taxes

The differences are where your tax funds go.

Federal taxes go toward the federal government, and state taxes go toward the state government.

7 states do not collect state taxes.

Student’s with loan debt could $2,5000 off their taxes and an ever larger return

These are

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

Tennessee and New Hampshire collect state taxes on unearned income.

Federal taxes come out of income and capital gains.

State taxes are always less than federal taxes.

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IRS: What are the tax rates and brackets for 2021 taxes?

Tax Brackets

Federal income taxes are broken into brackets so the amount you pay on income is fair.

There are rates in place to pay less on income in lower brackets.

Higher rates mean higher taxes.

There are fewer state tax brackets and lower tax rates.

They differ by state.

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