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Guaranteed income program application opens soon

Applications for the guaranteed income program opens at the end of this month.

get $500 a month with the guaranteed income program

You could receive $500 monthly payments.

Three months of free public transit and $400 debit cards for some Americans

Where is this happening?

El Monte City Council in California with this plan. They are in contract with RAND Corporation and it will be funded completely by the American Rescue Plan Act. Read more about it here.

This program is supposed to help the “most vulnerable residents” in the El Monte community. Participants would get a $500 payment each month.

In order to qualify for the program, the participants must be female head of household. You are ineligible if you have a spouse to provide assistance.

Participants must also be a resident of El Monte and have kids under 18. Outreach and enrollment for the program is expected to start in May.

A similar program in Los Angeles will begin accepting applications March 31.

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