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Energy bills could increase $78 for thousands

Thousands of Americans in one state could see an increase in their energy bill as high as $78 come May 1.

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Dominion Energy in South Carolina is asking the Public Service Commission of South Carolina if they may raise the prices.

This is to offset the increase in prices for oil, coal, and natural gas.

If approved, the total increase would be $78.36 over the span of one year.

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760,000 residents in the state of South Carolina use Dominion Energy.

Over 7 million households are covered by the company over the span of 16 states.

South Carolina let the company raise their prices by 1.81% in September.

The review for a May 1 increase will happen April 7.

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Lowering your energy bills

There are a few things you can do that would lower your energy bill.

One thing is to wash your clothes in cold water every time.

This could save you an average of $5 per month, which would knock down a large part of the $78 increase.

You could also keep your house just a few degrees cooler.

You could turn the heat down before leaving the house or going to bed.

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