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Stimulus: $600 payments and who qualifies

At this moment the USDA is handing out $600 stimulus payments under the Farm and Food Worker Relief Grant Program.

stimulus checks sent to workers for the pandemic

Those who qualify must be farm workers and meatpackers.

This payment is to offset unexpected expenses incurred by farm workers or meatpackers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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These costs include

  • protective gear
  • childcare
  • COVID tests
  • unpaid leave

Unfortunately, farm workers themselves may not apply to the program.

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Who can apply for farm workers to get the $600 stimulus payments?

State agencies, tribal entities, and nonprofit organizations may apply on behalf of the workers who qualify for the stimulus payment.

Those receiving the grants will be announced this summer.

The entities will receive the grants and from there can send out the $600 payments to those who qualify.

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Grants will range from $5 million to $50 million.

Workers may check the USDA website this summer to see which entities received the funding so they can apply through them.

The payments may not be available immediately this summer.

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