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You might have to pay back the IRS your stimulus check

During the COVID-19 pandemic the government granted three stimulus checks.

stimulus checks might have to be paid back to the IRS

You could have to pay it back to the IRS  if you fall if you fall into one of these categories.

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Why would I have to pay the money back?

There may have been some calculation errors that could leave you owing the IRS. Click here to read more.  You could owe the IRS if:

  1. You received too much money
    • Repayment will be required.
  2. You received a check for someone who died
    • If a family member died in 2019 and the IRS wasn’t informed you may have received a support check and will have to pay it back.
  3. Not being a US citizen
    • If you pay taxes but don’t have citizenship, you probably got  a check in error and will have to pay it back.
  4. Having received an extra check accidentally
    • The IRS accidently sent additional checks to those who already got them, and they will have to be paid back.
  5. Non-resident aliens
    • If you got stimulus funds while working and paying taxes without being a US resident alien, you will also be required to repay it.

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