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Save at Home Depot using these five hacks

Home Depot has reached a new customer loyalty peak since the pandemic.

save money at home depot with these five hacks

Use these five hacks to save money as you shop.

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Home Depot has grown in popularity

As many Americans were in lockdown during the pandemic, they decided to make some home improvements. In the last two years, they had a record-breaking $40billlion in sales. Regardless of what home improvement you are trying to make now, consider these hacks to save money. Click here to read more.

1. Special buy of the day

Although it takes monitoring, reviewers love Home Depot’s “special buy of the day” offer.

The company refreshes the offer everyday online. They even include a countdown timer to let you know how much time is left on that day’s special.

For easier savings, bookmark the Special Buy of the Day page.

2. Price tags ending in “3”

If you are browsing in Home Depot, keep an eye out for yellow tags that end in the number 3. This indicates that the item will be removed from the shelves in three weeks.

The “3” signals that it is a final markdown and you won’t find the item there any cheaper.

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3. Sale prices ending in “6”

Sale prices that end in “6” signifies that it will have another price reduction in six week.

The sales price is usually lowered by half if the current sale price, but it fluctuates based on the item.

You can usually find the date printed on the tag near the barcode to see when it was last discounted.

4. Price match

Home Depot promises “nobody beats our prices.” They ensure this promise through their price match program.

Home Depot’s price match is different than how most retailers offer it. They will match their competitors final price.

This includes any coupons or discounts you may have received at the other store. They call this their low price guarantee.

5. Get $5 off instantly

Joining Home Depot’s email list will get you a one-time discount. If you sign up, you can use the $5 toward your next purchase either in-store or online.

You’ll receive the coupon in your inbox. After signing up, you will continue to get promotional emails from the company.

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