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Social Security: Get the maximum $4,194 per month in benefits

A small number of Social Security retirees are lucky enough to collect the maximum benefit of $4,194 in 2022. How did they do it?

social security card with cash and check representing social security benefits

In order to get the maximum amount in Social Security benefits, retirees must wait to claim the benefits until age 70.

Thanks to the 5.9% COLA increase for 2022, the average check jumped by around $92.

Social Security: Avoid mistakes that may cost you $1,000s in benefits

Here are three things to do to help you get the maximum Social Security benefit

File for your benefits individually

This $4,194 will only apply to seniors who apply for their benefits individually.

In some cases if your partner can also get Social Security then the payments between the two of you may be more than the max for a single filer.

You must earn as much money as possible while working to boost your benefits in the long run.

You can work while you collect SS benefits

Earning the highest salary possible for Social Security

In order to get the max, your yearly earnings need to be at least the taxable minimum for benefits.

It changes each year to keep up with inflation.

In 2021 that amount was $142,800 and it 2022 it’s $147,000.

In 1989 it was $39,600 for comparison.

You’ll need to hit the wage cap each year for 35 years to get the maximum.

Social Security COLA could increase again in 2023

Don’t retire before turning 70

To get the most for your benefits it’s important to wait until you’re 70.

You’re eligible to retire by age 62 but doing so will cost you in the long run.

If you did everything else but chose to retire at 62, the maximum would be $2,324 per month.

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