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Modere Trim Review: Benefits, side effects, ingredients, how to take & more!

Modere Trim has been one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market for a while now. Since it is advertised relentlessly online, you will have no doubt seen it on numerous health and fitness blogs. On top of that, hundreds of Modere Trim reviews have been posted by popular fitness YouTubers in the last few months. 

However, we know that very few weight loss supplements actually work as advertised. The vast majority make bold promises and are plugged heavily by influencers, but in reality they don’t do half of what they promise!

In this Modere Trim review, we will be taking a closer look at Modere Trim and asking whether it works as claimed. We’ll examine the ingredients and side effects of Modere Trim. Also, we will review real user reviews to see what people are actually getting from this fat burner. Then, we will compare Modere Trim with other weight loss products to determine if it is right for you. 

What is Modere Trim supposed do? 

What is Modere Trim supposed do? 

Modere Trim is a popular weight loss supplement that claims to do more than any other currently on the market. Modere Trim claims to speed fat loss by increasing body fat metabolism. It also promises to improve muscle tone and overall body composition. 

Modere Trim claims that it can do the following: 

  • Supports fat metabolism* 
  • Blocks cellular fat storage* 
  • Allows for a decrease in fat cells* 
  • Increases muscle tone* 
  • Restores youthful-looking skin* 
  • Promotes joint, muscle and connective tissue fitness. 
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails and gums. 

This is quite an impressive list of benefits for a weight-loss supplement. The manufacturer claims Modere Trim can do more than any other weight loss product on the market today! Is it possible to do this all? Or are these empty promises? We need to look at Modere Trim’s ingredients in order to find out. 

See the #1 rated Modere Trim alternative: LeanBean 

LeanBean is easily one of the most effective fat burners on the market. Specifically designed for women, LeanBean is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight in safe, sustainable, natural way. This comprehensive fat burner, appetite suppressant and metabolism booster is widely touted as the single best natural supplement for losing weight that money can buy for a very good reason – IT WORKS! 

The main selling point of LeanBean is how broad it is in scope. The benefits of taking PhenQ include:

  • Reduced appetite and food cravings
  • Accelerated metabolism
  • Higher, more stable energy levels
  • Better blood sugar control
  • Increased burning of stored body fat for fuel

LeanBean is an all-in-one weight-loss supplement designed specifically for women who are too often ignored by supplement manufacturers. LeanBean safely suppresses appetite and increases metabolism. Many LeanBean users have experienced rapid fat loss and highly successful body recompositions by combining LeanBean and a well-planned diet and exercise program. 

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Modere Trim Ingredients 

We need to look at the ingredients in Modere Trim to see if it really works. 

Here’s a list of all the ingredients in Modere Trim:

  1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid 
  2. Liquid Biocell (Hydrolyzed chickensternal cartilage) 

These are ingredients that we don’t typically see in weight loss or “body composition” products like Modere Trim. We don’t know how Modere Trim ingredients are administered. The exact dosages are kept secret by listing them as a proprietary blend. There could be 5g or 1mg CLA in Modere Trim. We just don’t know. 

Modere Trim also contains only two ingredients. This is quite unusual for diet pills or weight loss supplements. Most of the best weight loss supplements on the market contain a half dozen or so different ingredients which promote fat burning in different ways. We doubt Modere Trim is going to be able to rival the benefits offered by these supplements with just two ingredients!

Now, we will quickly review both these ingredients, explain their functions, and discuss the scientific evidence. 


Athletes commonly use Conjugated Linoleic Acid (or CLA) to aid in weight loss and improve body composition. CLA has been shown to have a positive impact on body fat and lean muscle mass in animal studies. Although human studies show less drastic changes in body composition than animal studies, CLA can often make a difference to body fat levels as well as lean muscle mass ratios. 

Modere Trim believes that CLA can be a miracle supplement. Modere Trim states that CLA supports fat metabolism and blocks fat transport from bloodstream to fat cells. This is because CLA inhibits fat absorption, reduces fat cell size, and reduces fat cell formation. This claim is not supported by any scientific evidence. 

Linoleic Acid is a common fatty acid found in human diets. It can be found in large quantities in meat, milk products and certain vegetable oils. If you eat a healthy, balanced diet, then you will likely consume quite a bit of CLA each day. We don’t think that 1-5g of CLA, or Modere Trim, will help you lose weight. 

Liquid Biocell Collagen

Modere Trim also contains Liquid Biocell. This is a trademarked hydrolyzed chicken cartilage sternal cartilage form. This ingredient would be found in any dietary supplement, but we don’t know why. 

Although chicken sternal cartilage extract is rich in collagen peptides and hyaluronic acids, it won’t do any good. These substances are not recommended for oral consumption. They do not appear to have any effect on skin quality, joint health, or muscle tone. These things are not as effective as cosmetics companies claim. Modere Trim’s half-true ingredients don’t help you lose weight. They don’t boost fat metabolism and they don’t improve skin tone or quality. 

Moderate Trim Costs & Where to Buy 

Modere Trim’s biggest drawback is its high price of $99.99 per bottle. Modere Trim is $99.99 per month or $3.33/day. Each 30-serving bottle contains Modere Trim. 

This is a huge amount of money when compared to other top weight loss supplements on the market. Modere Trim’s only active ingredient is Conjugated Linoleic Acid. We don’t know how many calories we get per serving so it is a terrible value for money. 

5-10 ingredients are used in weight loss supplements. They have been clinically shown to reduce weight, cellular fat storage, and overall body composition. These weight loss supplements cost half the price of Modere Trim. 

Modere Trim Side Effects 

Modere Trim does not appear to have any side effects. Modere Trim only contains two ingredients. Neither of them are thought to have any side effects other than mild ones. 

Clinical trials with human subjects have shown that both CLA and chicken-sternal cartilage extract were safe to consume. They are safe to consume, but neither has been shown to be particularly effective in encouraging fat loss. 

Does that mean Modere Trim is safe to take every day? 

Modere Trim should be generally safe for daily use. It doesn’t seem to do anything for you. 

Everyone is different. Modere Trim side effects can be severe so stop using the weight loss product immediately and consult your doctor. Modere Trim side effects are mild and should disappear once you stop using the fat-burner. Modere Trim is not the best way to lose weight. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions. 

Modere Trim User Reviews 

Before you buy Modere Trim, it is worth looking at what other people are saying about the weight loss pills. While Modere Trim reviews posted by random people online can be misleading, a lot of them in aggregate can tell you whether Modere Trim is a scam or not!

On the whole, reviews of Modere Trim on Amazon are quite negative. jrt2, a Verified Purchaser on Amazon, wrote this as their Modere Trim review: “Fake crap!  MLM scheme that I saw on Facebook.  Only bought because I had credit.  Posting on FACEBOOK that this is another MLM garbage ingredients scheme to help with weight loss.  Did nothing and tasted horribly with an aftertaste”. This is quite typical of Modere Trim reviews posted on Amazon, Reddit, and so on.

Modere Trim FAQs

How long does Modere Trim take to start working?

Modere Trim reviews revealed a common theme: this weight loss pill takes a long time to start working. Modere Trim users report that even after taking Modere Trim for 30 days, the product still doesn’t work as promised. We probably don’t need to tell you that this is a very long time for a weight loss supplement to fail to deliver any results. 

How often should you take Modere Trim?

The manufacturer recommends taking Modere Trim every day. Certainly the benefits of CLA only manifest for a couple of hours after taking the supplement. As we’ve already covered, there is no benefit to taking Liquid Biocell chicken collagen, so it doesn’t matter if you take it daily or not at all! 

Do you take Modere Trim before or after breakfast?

The manufacturer says to take a spoonful of Trim first thing in the morning with or without breakfast. Studies indicate CLA is largely unaffected when taken with or without food. What is important is that you take Modere Trim consistently as CLA has the best results when taken every day.

Modere Trim Review Conclusion: Is it effective for weight loss? 

Is Modere Trim really a good weight loss supplement? 

We don’t think so!

Unfortunately, Modere Trim doesn’t really help you lose fat faster or improve your body composition. That’s clear to us after reviewing the ingredients.

CLA has not been shown to be particularly effective in boosting fat metabolism. There is no evidence linking chicken cartilage with weight loss and it certainly does not improve skin quality, regardless of what cosmetic companies might try to tell you!

Worst still, Modere Trim doesn’t stand a chance of positively affecting muscle tone like the manufacturer claims it can. Neither of the two ingredients in Modere Trim are thought to improve muscle tone in any way. A healthy diet and a well-planned training program are the only ways to improve your muscle tone and overall body composition. 

At $99 per bottle, Modere Trim looks like a complete rip-off to us. We don’t see why anybody would spend this much money on some CLA and chicken cartilage, especially when the latter has never been proven to do anything for weight loss or skin quality anyway! 

There are far better weight loss supplements out there today. LeanBean, for example, combines several ingredients all proven to support fat loss in some way, and it costs a fraction of what Modere Trim costs per bottle. 

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