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Climate change is amplifying severe weather- consider these steps for protection

Climate change is causing more intense storms more frequently.

A house experiencing a severe winter storm

Here are four important steps to prepare your home.

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Is this actually happening?

The Texas winter storm of 2021 led to millions without power for weeks and dozens of casualties. The economic impact of the storm was estimated to be $130 billion. Read more about it here.

As severe weather gets more frequent and destructive, a huge part of the damage is the cost. There are steps you can take to mitigate your financial loss.

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What steps can I take to prepare?

  1. Know the layout of your house and have tools handy.
    • In case of pipes bursting knowing the layout of your home and having the tools to mitigate the damage could save you money.
    • Labeling pipes and circuit brakers is a good idea too.
    • You could even get your floorplan or blueprints for your house from the original contractor or at local municipal archives.
  2. Buy flood insurance
    • Standard homeowners insurance usually covers just about everything, except floods.
    • Sea surges from hurricanes are a major threat to people living in coastal areas.
  3. Fortify your roof
    • Your roof is “the first line of defense for windstorms.”
    • You can purchase hurricane straps to reinforce the connection between the roof and exterior.
  4. Establish a “defensible space” from wildfires
    • It is advised that you maintain a 0-5 foot gap between your home and potential ignition zones.
    • Ignition zones are places that could catch fire easily like pine straw or mulch.

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