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IRS: Don’t lose your $3,600 child tax credit

There are still a number of families that could miss out on up to $3,600 per child if they don’t take action with the IRS before the end of the tax season.

tax return families can file to receive the child tax credit from the irs

This is thanks to the expanded child tax credit in 2021 that raised the credit from $2,000 to up to $3,600 per child.

In 2021 families could receive advanced payments on this credit.

Those who did saw up to $300 per child once each month from July to Dec.

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The expanded benefits with this credit have expired for 2022, but there are still some missing the money from 2021.

If you did receive the payments in 2021, you can get the second half of your payments when you file your taxes this year.

Don’t miss out on your money from the IRS

Some Americans don’t need to file tax returns, but they do this year to claim the credit.

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2% of families with kids aren’t planning to file their taxes, so they will miss out on the credit.

14% did not get the advanced payments, and can collect their full amount this year.

Most families that do not file are low income families, and they need the credit the most.

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