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Universal Basic Income: Families see $500 per month

One state will soon see families with low incomes getting a monthly payment for two years thanks to a universal basic income program.

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The families must reside in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The money comes from the American Rescue Act and the pilot program is called People’s Prosperity Guaranteed Income Pilot.

It began in Nov. of 2020.

Pilot program sends $17,000 in guaranteed income

The first phase of the program provided 150 families with $500 per month for 18 months.

The money was designed to help families make ends meet in addition to their income as well as have control over the decisions they made using the funds.

A study completed with this Universal Basic Income program showed

  • 28% of funding went to food
  • 28% of funding went to services
  • 24% of funding went to sales and merchandise

UBI: All the places with Universal Basic Income in the U.S.

Expansion of the UBI program

Now that the first phase has ended, the city is expanding the program into a second phase.

This phase will use $4 million from COVID relief funds to help 300 families over the span of two years.

Eligibility requirements for the Universal Basic Income program

You need to be a resident of the city of St. Paul and have a child with a CollegeBound Saint Paul account.

You may not be an employee or elected official of the city.

Financial issues caused by the pandemic need to have happened.

You must follow income eligibility guidelines.

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