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Subway: Changes you should expect

Subways announced they are making these changes.

Subway store

If Subway is your go to sandwich stop.

Then this article is for you, here’s some of the changes they’re going to make.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Popeyes’ is bringing back this sandwich

Investing more in catering

Aside for partnering with DoorDash.

The chain also implemented curbside pick up.

More Hot Food

Over the last six months Subway has added quiet a few hot items.

The Chicken & Bacon Ranch and the Baja & Jack sub.

Wendy’s brings back popular sandwich

Doubling down on steak and turkey

Steak and Turkey are the chains most popular sandwiches.

That being said you should expect to see more variations of these sandwiches.

More protein options

Keep an eye for new meats on the Subway menu.

The chain has been known to change things up with their meats.

They recently added a Black Forest ham.

New Signature items

Last summer the brand launched four new signature subs.

Subway aims to launch more to make ordering simpler.

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