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Universal Basic Income: $17,000 for some Californians

Applications have now opened for a universal basic income program that will pay specific individuals $1,000 per month for 17 months.

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The first payment will be sent April 15, 2022.

The program is called the West Hollywood Pilot for Guaranteed Income.

The applications originally opened on Feb. 25 and will be open until March 6.

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23 U.S. locations offering up to $18,000

About the Universal Basic Income program for California residents

Of all applications submitted, only 25 people will be chosen for the program.

There are a few requirements to the Universal Basic Income program

  • Applicants must be 50 or older
  • They must reside in West Hollywood
  • Applicants must identify as LGBTQIA+

Universal Basic Income: Families see $500 per month

43% of residents in West Hollywood living in poverty fit these groups.

The goal of the program is to help older people obtain stable housing and have an improved quality of life.

There is also an income requirement to get into the program.

Pilot program sends $17,000 in guaranteed income

For a family of one the income cannot be more than $41,400.

In a family of four, the income can’t be more than $59,100.

People chosen will be given a debit card with a linked bank account for payments.

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